Friday 24 March 2023

Forgive and Let Go of Bitterness

"Forgive and let go of bitterness"- 

     This is part of the daily mantra of our featured member of the Jugan clan who is Loilyn Jugan. I am inspired by her perseverance in life thus I am also sharing with you her life story so as to receive inspiration from her. 

Loilyn and her family

     Loilyn hails from Cebu City, one of the big and progressive cities in the Southern part of the Philippines. She is the eldest of four siblings. Her  siblings are Luisito, Loie Lyndon and the youngest, Loie Lyndie. 

     The siblings are all successful in their chosen fields and this give much happiness to their  parents. Being the eldest and a model to her younger brothers and sister, Loilyn performs the  role of Project Manager in one of Cebu's leading software company. The one next to her, Luisito Junior is now a successful nurse. Then Loie Lyndon is on the field of educatiojn- forming the minds and values of today's young generation. The youngest, Loie Lyndie is a Psychology graduate.

Another photo of Loilyn and her whole family

     To give credit to where it is due, their proud parents are Luisito Jugan Sr. and Helen Jugan. They separated when Loilyn was on her studies 'sophomore year but this did not derail her from reaching her dreams. She shared that her greatest dream though is to travel all over the world. 

     While growing till now, she practices her mantra in life. Her mantra is " Forgiveness is a powerful tool when exercised. Forgiveness doesn't necessarily change the actions of the person who afflicted you, it changes and liberates you from the anger you once held. Stop holding grudges. Forgive and let go of bitterness. Forgiveness is a key to true happiness" 


Thanks a lot my niece, Loilyn,  for sharing your story with us all.


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