Saturday, 28 August 2021

A Caring Heart

     A part of my daily routine is checking online what's going on nowadays around us. But recently seeing news online is but just bringing a sad reality to me and to others. As you presently notice it, what has been going on with our world today is but a disheartening one- this Covid 19 pandemic. 


     This Covid thing is piercing the hearts of everyone regardless of your status or race in the society. And one sector that is so vulnerable to this event is the children. When I look at them, I can always think of the richness of their future at the back of their innocence. And seeing the reality of the pandemic today, my heart is moved with compassion and pity to think of their sad plight in life especially those who belong to the so called under privileged sector of our society.

imagecredit: Max Avans from Pexels

    I think what the world needs nowadays to help the condition of those unfortunate kids is to have more generous hearts to contribute something for their welfare. These kids are yet devoid of basic resources to journey on their own so in this time of Covid, this is my prayer and wish that more assistance will be forwarded to their families. 


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