Friday 2 February 2024

Why Do We Have Family Reunions?

Our family lineage has its regular reunions every year. Thanks a lot to all those family members who are so generous in sharing their time and effort, sometimes even their material resources to meet, plan, organise and materialise this annual event. Hopefully we will have people who will continue this legacy of making it sure that our family reunion will happen.

Hence allow me to share with you benefits that we can cherish when we perform family reunions. First and foremost, this event allows us to continue our connection and bonding with each other. As time evolves, heaps of things happen to each of the member of the family. Moments, either good or bad, are shared during reunions and we feel delighted to have an idea of the events that each family members has gone through.

Image by Shannon Lawford from Pixabay

Further, reunions also allow us to have that generational connections among ourselves like the grandparents, great-grandchildren, parents etc. When we come together, the sense of being a member of the family is being renewed and refreshed. Also, this event enables us to celebrate and pass down cultural traditions and family rituals. It is also very welcoming when we feel supported by the other members of the family thus re establishing friendships and camaraderie among all members.

Another positive thing from reunionsn is the chance for us to forge new friendships among new members of the family. And when we come together though, we cherish all the fun and entertainment brought by the occassion. Finally, these family reunions can endow us ideas on our family history enabling us to further understand our unique behaviour and practices. And when we gather together, we all contribute to the making of those lasting memories.


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