Friday, 17 November 2017

Go For Your Dreams

          Go for your dreams- a guiding principle of Loilyn Bubbles Jugan, our contributor at this time. She's an outspoken and an achiever young girl. She owes her existence to God and to the two wonderful people in her life- her father Luisito Jugan Sr. and mom, Helen Jugan. Their family resides in Sitio Pilapilan in Yati, Liloan Cebu. 

She has the following as her siblings:

1. Luisito Jugan  Jr.- a 26 years old who works as a trainer at Wipro Philippines. Like Bubbles, he also is dreamer who wants to be successful in everything he does. Apart from that, he also aspires a lot about financial stability. 

2. Loie Lyndon Jugan- Bubbles' 19 year old brother who is currently a student of Normal University. His aspiration in life is to be a good educator someday.
Seeing the exemplary deeds of his teachers while he was still in his elementary and high school days, he is greatly inspired by them thus moulding this dream somebody to be one of them. 

3. Loie Lyndie Jugan- a 17 year old student at La Consolacin College and whose aspiration is to be a successful individual in all her undertakings and also to land in an excellent job. 

          Meanwhile for Bubbles, as she is fondly called by loved ones and by friends, she is presently connected with the prestigious Lexmark Research and Development Corp. as its Deployment Project Coordinator. Being an achiever, this 30 year old lady is dreaming of experiencing skydiving one day. She could not help herself but be thrilled by this once in a lifetime experience. 

          She also believes in the importance of the family thus she dreams of having one of her own in the future. Her dream of a holiday place is Kenya or anywhere in South Africa. Furthermore, she wants to learn as many languages as she can and she shared her dream of building one day a beautiful home for her parents.  

Thanks a lot Bubbles for sharing your life and family with our blog. 

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